Paul McCartney's iTunes Ad, Apple Settles Lawsuit, and More

Paul McCartney's iTunes Ad, Apple Settles Lawsuit, and More

Sir Paul in new iTunes ad: The former Beatle is in a flashy new iTunes ad to promote his new album, Memory Almost Full. The ad features the single, "Dance Tonight," and we thought that watching the ad is a nice way to get your Friday going. Could a Beatles catalog on iTunes be around the corner?


Apple settles with IP Innovation: Apple has come to an agreement with IP Innovation, who filed suit against Apple earlier this year for patent infringement. IP Innovation says that Apple use of tabs in Mac OS X (specifically Tiger) infringed on a 20-year old interface patent. Details of the settlement were not released, but Apple has agreed to license IP Innovation's technology. It's too bad that Apple decided to settle instead of fight this one in court. Something needs to be done about these companies who turn a quick buck by using vague patents in lawsuits. (And the patent office needs to be reformed, too.)


But wait! There's more iPhone news. Ah, just when you thought you could end the week without hearing about a certain phone, we pull you back in! First, if you're thinking of hitting an AT&T/Cingular store instead of an Apple store for your iPhone (the crowds may be smaller), you must go to a AT&T/Cingular corporate store, not a franchise store. The franchise store won't have the iPhone. How to tell the difference between a franchise and a corporate-owned store? We're not quite sure. If you know, post in the comments section. In Europe, the folks there say that Apple is unbelievably arrogant with European mobile operators. Back here in the US, it turns out that the iPhone could be more powerful than anyone ever expected, because two-thirds of potential iPhone buyers don't use AT&T.


In other news: Wanna get your geek on? Then read this article about Intel's 60- and 80-core processors. Love Bluetooth? It's passe. Bone data transmission is the next big thing. Major League Baseball isn't fond of fantasy baseball. And finally, if you're looking for a last minute Father's Day gift, consider the Gold Man toilet attachment. Your mom will thank you. (Happy Father's Day to all the dads!)




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If you visit At& or and go to the store locator there is a rather nice link to a locator plug-in.
Using "Google Earth" you can open this plug-in and it will show you all the corporate store locations in the USA. Dont worry it also tells you how to turn them off.



Better ask Micheal Jackson - if catalouge is coming to iTunes.



I believe that Michael Jackson controls the publishing rights to the Beatle's music, not the recordings themselves.



Oops, that should have been Beatles' (plural possessive). Sorry.



It's good to finally know that I can get some Paul McCartney on itunes. I hope this means we can download the beatles quite soon :)


Dave Barnes

I don't see any adverts on the Mac Life website.
Maybe because I use Firefox 2 and AdBlock Plus.



Your pop-up ad that was recently added to the website... rather annoying. And it's for a car... nothing mac related.

Seriously... I subscribe to the magazine... and read the site regularly. Ads are one thing... invasive ads another.


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