Perfection 4490 Photo

Perfection 4490 Photo

Ready to handle photos, negatives, and slides.


With its secondary light source, film holders for both 35mm and medium-format slides and negatives, and great image quality, the Perfection 4490 Photo scanner can tackle the scanning demands of serious amateurs and many - if not most - professional photographers.


Following the quick-installer guide, we had the 4490 unpacked and running in about 20 minutes. The 4490 comes bundled with Adobe's Photoshop Elements 2 - it's a generation behind today's Elements (version 3), but it will more than suffice if you don't have any image-manipulation software. You also get Epson's Easy Photo Fix for color-correcting your images, Digital ICE for removing dust and scratches, and Abbyy FineReader for OCR (optical character recognition) scanning.


The Perfection 4490 Photo scans at a native 4,800 dpi, and at this resolution our scans were sharp, maintained detail, and had accurate color. The 4490's interpolated resolution is an impressive-sounding 12,800 dpi, but we don't recommend using this resolution often - we weren't pleased with the image quality.


Both the Digital ICE and Easy Photo Fix apps worked well. If you aren't proficient at scanning and manually cleaning up your images, these two apps can help smooth out and speed up the process. Digital ICE is a great and easy way to remove pesky dust streaks and scratches from old family photographs. The color-correcting features of Easy Photo Fix are quite impressive, and in many respects they equal the capabilities of Photoshop Elements. We scanned a 30-year-old, well-faded color photo in Easy Photo Fix, and after using the software to tweak the image, the photo could pass for one taken only yesterday - if it weren't for the Angels Flight pants and feathered hair worn by the people in the picture.


The one thing we would like to have seen is a pop-up dialog to remind you to unlock the secondary-light-source transport. If you forget to unlock it after setup, you'll scratch your head for a few minutes trying to figure out why the 4490 isn't scanning your film. We would have been reminded if we had peeked at the setup guide - but hey, who reads those things in their entirety anyway?


The bottom line. The Epson Perfection 4490 Photo is a quality scanner that has the flexibility a photographer needs.


CONTACT: 800-463-7766,
PRICE: $249.95
REQUIREMENTS: USB-equipped Mac, G3, Mac OS 10.2 or later, 128MB RAM, 450MB disk space
Small footprint. Great image quality. Solid software bundle.
No hardcopy manual.





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