Phone to Mac, and Back

Phone to Mac, and Back

The Bluetooth icon in your menubar contains this menu. Choose Browse Device to transfer files to or from your phone.


If both your phone and your Mac have Bluetooth, you probably won’t need any additional software to transfer your photos from your phone to your Mac. First enable Bluetooth on your phone (check your phone’s manual for instructions for your specific model). Now, on your Mac, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth on, and click the plus-sign button to set up a new device. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant will launch and guide you through connecting to your mobile phone. After you’ve successfully paired your Mac to your phone, check the box that says “Show Bluetooth status in the menubar.”


Then click the Bluetooth icon in your menubar and select Browse Device. From that screen, click Get to transfer a file from your phone to your Mac, or click Send to send a file to your phone.



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