Photo Batch Processing with Bibble Pro

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Photo Batch Processing with Bibble Pro

Bibble Pro 4.9.5 lets you improve the quality of RAW images shot using over 100 different digital cameras.


Pro photographers - and protographrs who want to shoot pro-quality images - know that shooting in RAW format provides the best images possible by allowing for a great deal of flexibility in processing those images using the power of their Macs and the controls offered by such powerful software as Bibble Pro 4.9.5 from Bibble Labs.


Download a trial copy of Bibble Pro 4.9.5 from, then follow along in this tutorial to learn how easy it is to get total control over your digital images.


Step 1: Jump into the Queue


By default, Bibble Pro includes six processing presets, from full-size TIFFs to small JPEGs for emailing. To find these settings, click the Batch Queues tab on the far left side of the workspace. Double-click any of the queue presets, and in the resulting dialog, click Settings. A new dialog will open up that contains the settings for the particular queue you've selected, and you can edit those settings if you choose.


Choose your file size and type based on what you plan to do with the images after they're processed.




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