Photo Batch Processing with Bibble Pro

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Photo Batch Processing with Bibble Pro

Step 2: Create Your Own Preset


Rather than edit one of the preexisting queues, it makes more sense to create a new preset if none of the originals meet your needs. To do this, right-click (or Control-click) anywhere in the Batch Queues tab, and choose New. A dialog will open that allows you to create and save settings for a new preset.


Set up a custom preset according to your project needs.



Step 3: Start Processing


Now that you've set up presets to your exact specs, it's time to process your images. First select the preset you want Bibble Pro to use. Second, select the images you want to batch process and then click on the Send To Batch (Ins) icon (a cog with a plus sign) on the toolbar at the top of the workspace. You'll be asked to choose a location to save your files to.



Step 4: Opt for Background Processing


Step 3 works great for batch processing, but some photographers really like the ability to tweak an image, send it off to be processed in the background, and continue tweaking the next image. To do this, select the image you've just processed, and then hit the shortcut key for the queue preset of your choice. The shortcut key for each preset is listed next to that preset on the Batch Queues tab. Now you can continue tweaking and sending images to be processed one at a time.




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