PhotoFrame Pro 3

PhotoFrame Pro 3

You get no fewer than 4,000 frames for your digital photos.


PhotoFrame Pro 3 creates high-quality borders and frames for your photos, and it’s easy to use. But we can’t help but wonder whether there’s really a crowd of digital-photo librarians itching to spend $160 just to add virtual frames to their photos.


Developer onOne certainly got the integration part right; the plug-in works seamlessly with Photoshop. After installation, PhotoFrame Pro becomes an option in Photoshop’s header menu under the onOne option. If you open an image in Photoshop and click the PhotoFrame Pro tab, the PhotoFrame interface launches and loads your photo in the main panel. You then choose a frame from the 4,000 options (yes, they are categorized), and it appears around the photo. You can drag the frame to fit, and Photoshop panels are on hand so you can play with borders, opacity, shading, and more.


Not only are the frames attractive, but onOne made it easy to sift through them all to find ones you like. A floating panel divvies up all the frame types and has them categorized logically, and there’s also a search bar. You can pick several frames and view them side by side, impose them on thumbnails of your photo using the Grid Preview option, or double-click them to open one at a time.


The bottom line. Our main hang-up with PhotoFrame Pro 3 is the price—$160 seems like a lot to drop on such a niche tool.


COMPANY: onOne Software
PRICE: $159.95
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, 512MB RAM, 2.4GB disk space, Adobe Photoshop CS or later or Adobe Photoshop Elements 3
or later.
Tons of photo frames. Seamless Photoshop integration. Good border browser and preview.
Pricey. Niche appeal.





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So please try to keep up the great work all the time.


Minimal Techno

I bear the dubious benefit to use this program, is all the more when the price at $160 This VERY expensive!

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