Pimp Your iPod with Software

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Pimp Your iPod with Software

Here’s a little experiment for you: ask your pals if they’ve ever used their iPods to listen to the news. We’re willing to bet cash that most of them said no. We’re also betting a few of them weren’t aware that enterprising companies and plucky individuals around the world are working to pimp your iPod out with a few more abilities than playing more of the usual same-old tunes.


Some of these applications are going to be handy only for specific people or situations. But like everything else on your iPod, when you need it, you’ll be glad to have it on hand.  Especially when your friends are there to watch, wide-eyed and incredulous.






If you’ve ever needed a bathroom when traveling in a country where you don’t speak the language, you’ll know just how important it is to communicate. iParrot is a helpful guide for anyone who needs to use simple phrases in a foreign language.


iParrot installs 400 phrases in the Notes section of your iPod. After scrolling through the 20 categories, such as “greetings” and “asking for help,” select a phrase. It will then voice it in the language you purchased (choose from 12, such as Japanese or Russian). You can repeat it, allowing you the illusion of fluency—helpful when you don’t want to come across as some darned foreigner.


If you can’t get your mouth around some of the vowel tones common in languages like Vietnamese, the phrase appears on your iPod. Just point to the screen, and your best foreign friend can read what you’re trying to communicate.


Plus, it  gives you an excuse to keep your iPod on you when you travel.








Ask any introvert: some people just aren’t good at parties. But thanks to Party Pro, at least you’ll no longer be a party amateur.


This neat little application installs the recipes for over 800 drinks in your iPod’s Notes, sorting them by category, name, and ingredients; Many of them have photos, so you know what the final product should classically resemble. Bartending tips, like a list of proper drinking glasses, are also included.


If you’d rather be the designated drinker, Party Pro comes with a list of bars in over 130 party cities, like Cancun, Mexico; Killington, Vermont; and Tampa, Florida. It also includes the rules of drinking games that make us woozy just thinking about it (like the Family Guy version: take a shot whenever Stewie says, “What the deuce?”)


Party Pro also lists sample pick-up lines for both men and women. But who needs a pick-up line when you know how to make a perfect Appletini?







For when you absolutely, positively have to know the linear expansion coefficient of mercury, ChemDuet is the application for you. ChemDuet is a chemistry reference guide for your iPod, full of facts essential to chemists and the students who love them…or at least want passing grades.


The free version gives you 9 datasets to explore, such as atomic weight and melting points. If you want to know an element’s electronegativity, valences, and 26 other datasets, you’ll have to shell out for the $12 upgrade. It’s small price to pay to fully explore all the properties of matter.


How often do non-chemists need to know atomic masses? Not frequently—but when you do, ChemDuet sits in your iPod’s Notes, the temperature of the boiling point of neon waiting at the ready.







You may want an iPod Touch just to get instant access to YouTube clips. But at a maximum of 32 gigabytes, you may be reluctant. However, thanks to Tooble, an absolutely brilliant application, you can transfer your favorite YouTube clips to your 160-gig iPod. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, and then uploading the video of you eating the cake on YouTube.


The Tooble application presents a window of categorized YouTube feeds, such as highest rated or recently featured—you can also enter your own search terms—from which you select the videos you want to transfer to your iPod. Hit download, and Tooble will convert them on-the-fly using the Perian plug-in, which grants Quicktime the ability to handle additional open video formats. One sync later and your clips are ready to go. It’s dead simple, lightening quick, and addictive as hell.


Your favorite clip? You, having your cake, eating it too, uploaded onto YouTube, then downloaded onto your iPod.




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If there is no vermouth it's not a martini, it's just a shooter in stemware.
(I'll probably still load it on my ipod though)

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