Pirates of the Caribbean Online Tips

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online Tips

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With a plot that takes place after that of the three movies, Pirates of the Caribbean Online (free, disney.go.com/pirates/online) has you jumping into the massively multiplayer high seas with occasional cameos by Elizabeth Swann and William Turner—you can even help Jack Sparrow battle against Jolly Roger. Become the most infamous pirate in the Caribbean with a little help from your cutthroat guildmates and your pistol loaded with these tips.


• The more you use a weapon or skill, the faster you level up. When you get a chance, take out that extra crab, skeleton, or guard.

• Some quests reward you with a new weapon skill, like grenades or Voodoo Dolls (in a quest given by Tia Dalma). Drop everything else and finish those quests right away.

• A fast way to level up your cannon skill is to go to Tortuga, then head toward Kingshead. Find a lone Warlord ship, set all your cannons for long range, and fire them all at the ship simultaneously. Sink it as it comes towards you. It’s worth 100 points.

• If you plan to go solo most of the time, the galleon may be your ship of choice. What you lose in broadsides and crew space, you make up for in cargo room. More cargo space, more gold.

• Get the Take Cover skill. Activate the skill when you see a volley of enemy incoming cannon fire to automatically avoid it, at least until they reload.

• Save those “up-your-sleeve” cards that you earn in certain quests for high stakes Poker games to win some major gold.




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After seeing and falling in love with the first pirates of the caribbean i took my girlfriend and i down to bermuda with princess cruises for a few days we got to travel between smaller islands on a replica pirate ship eat like they did etc it was a great experience. The game is ok i think companies go overboard with branding and no pun intended. But if it helps sell tickets then i see why they do it.



This is a great game. I think my favorite part would have to be the sea battles.

Here's a hint: In a sea battle, keep moving around the enemy, and try to keep your broadsides aimed at either the front or back of the enemy ship. (Just the back for frigates, they have cannons in the front.)



Nice to have a Mac version for this fun game. The Disney brand makes for wholesome adventuring. I gave my weekend to it. Plenty of things to do in the game. Sailing ships is fun. Meeting others online and making a crew to sail together was a major added bonus. Downloaded the free software and played it successfully on both a G4 and Intel Mac.

My hint: enemies seem to come after the character that attacked first. When starting out, fight in a group of gun slingers or sword slashers and let them start the fight. When you join in the fight, often times you will go unhurt and still get some reputation, skill points, and coin.


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Download the movie on iTunes! It's my favorite (after Ratatouille, of course).

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