Pixela DVD Burner

Pixela DVD Burner


The Pixela DVD Burner uses a USB connection to work with camcorders that store videos on a hard drive or on flash memory, such as a SD card. You use the DVD Burner to create data or movie DVDs directly from the camcorder. When it works, there’s no need to use a Mac to create a quick movie DVD.


The catch: Pixela lists just over 20 camcorders on its Supported Cameras list. It includes models from Panasonic, JVC, Sony, and Toshiba, but it’s a rather small list. That doesn’t mean your hard drive or flash-based camcorder won’t with the DVD Burner. We weren’t able to get our hands on one of the supported camcorders, but we tested the DVD Burner with a pair of Sanyo Xacti video cameras that use SD cards: The Xacti CG65 standard definition camcorder, and the Xacti HD 1, which records video at 720p. With both cameras, the DVD Burner created data DVDs. We didn’t have the option of making movie DVDs. Our videos were intact and didn’t suffer any loss in quality.


We also tried using the DVD Burner with a Flip Video Ultra. The DVD Burner didn’t make a movie DVD, but it did make a data DVD that included not just the recorded video, but also the Flip Video software that is stored on the camera. That’s handy.


Pixela says that you can use the DVD Burner with digital still cameras that use the USB Mass Storage Class standard. When we connected an Olympus Evolt E-300 SLR camera, the DVD Burner created a data disc with the photos that were on the Compact Flash card. This could be a helpful method for photographers to quickly create CDs or DVDs during a photo shoot.


The bottom line. When you don’t care to do any editing and you just want to get your videos on to a DVD for your DVD player, the DVD Burner can be a handy device, if it works with your hard drive or flash memory camcorder.



CONTACT: www.pixela.co.jp/en

PRICE: $299.95

REQUIREMENTS: disk-based camcorder, optical discs

One-touch use.

Limited range of compatible cameras. Can’t be used with tape camcorders. No video playback capabilities.





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