Podcast #111 - iPhones Branch Out Around the World and Disney Looks to Apple for Retail Redesign



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Rogers service is not even comparable to AT&T. I have had four-ish dropped calls in the 6 years I have been on Rogers. And the data rate is really fast, 21 mbps in fact. AT&T hopes to have theirs up to 7.2 mbps by the end of the year... I think the problem most people have with Rogers is not the service, but rather the price, and possiblely customer service. But Rogers is by no means worse that AT&T, when I was in New York and my iPhone was on AT&T it seemed as though every 3rd call I tried to make failed, eventually my iPhone gave up and switched over to T-Mobile's network and stayed their for the majority of my trip. The only way I would ever switch out of Rogers would be price, but Bell can't even manage to provide service to the whole country (in two provinces they do not operate in) .Telus who also is getting the iPhone (yes we will have 3 options) DOES cover the whole country and has better customer support. Interesting fact: Both Bell and Telus are not GSM carriers, they are switching to GSM for the 2010 Olympics thus they will be able to carry the iPhone.



I would love some comedy. As long as it shows after 7:00 EST (4:00 PST), I would love to watch it.



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