Podcast #135: iPad Observations and an iPhone Event



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About how long does it take to upload a book? You know. Say a 400 page novel.



I'm frustrated by your glowing praise of TWC Max+ in today's podcast. It was one of the first apps I downloaded for my iPad. After adding a 6th location it crashed ... and now all it will do is crash -- click the icon and it opens and then goes back to the home screen. Have you tried adding a list of places? And it still works for you?!? Aarrggh. I really do want it to work ... tried a couple of the other weather apps and I really really want TWC to work. Have the iPhone version on my phone and it has been solid. Any ideas what's up with the iPad app??


Roberto Baldwin


I had a few apps crashing on me when I first installed them. Words with Friends was a mess. Here are a few things you can try:

Turn of the iPad then turn it back on. 

Hard reset the iPad - Hold the lock and home buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo. 

Delete the app from the iPad and reinstall it. I ended up reinstalling the app from the app store on the iPad instead of syncing to get Words of Friends to work. 


Hope those help you. 





Thanks for the tips, Robbie.  I have done a reinstall and tried some things with TWC.  Rather than the number of locations bookmarked (as I first thought) it seems to be crashing as soon as I enter/select "Bilbao, Spain" as the location.  I'm curious if you (or others) find that TWC crashes on that location.  (For now, I have settled for Madrid and, so far, TWC is happy with my other international selections.)

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