Podcast #14: The iPhone, Hands-On

Podcast #14: The iPhone, Hands-On

The iPhone is here, and two Mac|Life editors - Roman and Leslie - have spent enough time with theirs to give you their in-depth, hands-on observations and opinions in this fourteenth edition of our weekly series of Mac|Live Podcasts. Among the many topics they discuss are:


> Is it really as easy to use as Steve and Co. say?

> That keyboard - is it actually usable or just a pain in the %$#@!?

> Exactly how good is the iPhone as website reader?

> Why are many - most? - YouTube videos AWOL?


Also, Mac|Life editors Rik and Susie discuss their first impressions of the groundbreaking gadget, and pepper Roman and Leslie with the questions you'd probably ask, yourself.


Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live Podcast.


>>> Or download Mac|Live Podcast #14 to play on your iPod, in iTunes, or using the QuickTime Player - this version has chapter markings.


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iPhone - iPhone - iPhone. I enjoyed your hands on review. Seems most of the negative stuff comes from those who have not touched the iPhone. To touch one is to love one. I stood in line four and a half hours, activated in minutes, and have NEVER enjoyed a phone more. iPhone - iPhone - iPhone

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