Podcast #157: New iPods, iTunes and Apple TV



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I'm no photoshop guru, but I have a red iTunes icon I put together on Nic's request.  I basicly took the image off of Robbie's story on changing icons (the bigger image), I cut the iTunes image (roughly out) with photoshop elements.  I pasted it to a new layer.  I went in to enhance>adjust color>adjust hue/saturation moving sliders until I had a red icon.  I then cropped the image square and just bigger than the icon, leaving the background opaque.  I saved it as psd, I then downloaded a free app called img2icns.  By dragging my image to the app, you can save it as a .icns file and run though the rest of Robbie's icon changing directions.  Remember past is Command V.  It was fun.  



Can you please comment on the number of folks who have lost their ability to connect to their ATV devices, after upgrading to iTunes 10?  There is quite a "lively" discussion thread on the Apple support forum (http://tinyurl.com/397zqmp).  Of course, there is nothing from Apple about this problem ... nor word of any fix in the works.  (My fix was to fall back to iTunes 9.)I would like to go back to iTunes 10, but not if it means losing my computer's access to my ATV.  Any ideas?

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