Podcast #163: What Will Apple Announce at the "Back to the Mac" Event?



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 If we look at the big picture of what Apple is really about, it boils down to just a few things.1)  Creativity - iLife - Final Cut Studio - Logic Pro, Mobile Me, etc..2)  Business - iWork, Mobile Me3)  Consumerism/Entertainment - Apple Stores, iTunes Store - Apple TV4)  Portable and Home Electronics (which figures in to all of the above) - Macintosh - iPhone - iPad - iPod5)  Advertising and Social Media - iAd, PingThe Apple world is an integrated world, for sure.  I believe that if we break down what all this tech. is actually used for, we find several businesses, with several different kinds of people behind those businesses.With the iPhone, and iPad, we see a VERY mature business model for programmers and writers.  This being creating content for the App Store, and the iBookstore.  In addition, there is a tremendous market for music creators, as folks can submit their work to iTunes for inclusion in their store.What appears to be flailing behind is a business model that is directly tied into the Mac.  This is one that is at a centralized position within iWeb, yet has limitations that the aforementioned business models don't have to worry about.  I am speaking of the online entrepreneur.  These tools include iLife utilizing specifically iWeb + Mobile Me, coupled with the integration of AdSense.  There is a lot of room for improvement here, due to Mobile Me's limiting terms of service, and iWeb's VERY behind the times tools for this line of business.Apple always puts software center stage, and software is of paramount importance here.Let's take the Mac, and for heaven's sake, FINALLY give the thing multi-touch.  But, guess what?  We will need to revamp the OS, in order to take advantage.  Enter Lion - or whatever the heck it's going to be called.  Then, integrate iLife, iWork, mystery application, and whatever else, and call it the iStudio.  Seamlessly integrate it into Mobile Me, and you have a winning platform.Yes, the same way that Apple created whole new markets for people with music, apps, and books - so too could the company who claims to be at the intersection of the humanities, and technology expand their business subject matters to include everything else on the planet.This is where I think Apple is going.  This is what I believe Steve Jobs' real mission is.  It is to bring the world's best technology into the hands of as many people as possible, and to utilize in the most epic way imaginable.Oh yeah.  A damned integrated blue-ray player+burner at this point and time would be fantastic as well.And by the way.....Isn't Steve Jobs on the board at Disney?  Wouldn't having blue-ray players in his systems behoove both companies - Disney and Apple?  It IS the "Disney DVD"  Hello?!___________________________________Daniel L RappaportEducatorPazzaria Educational ProductionsSimple.  Artistic.  Life.www.pazzaria.org 

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