Podcast #18: Apple's Golden Age, iPhone Hacks, and More

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Podcast #18: Apple's Golden Age, iPhone Hacks, and More

Here's what we're talking about this week:


> We invite you to call in to the Mac|Live question/comment line: (877) 404-1337, extension 622. Please limit the length of your messages to 1 minute max. We'll review these calls each week and feature our favorites, along with answers and responses, on that week's podcast.

> Can Apple do no wrong?

> Where do analysts get off making wildly positive Apple predications that don't come true?

> iPhone hacks - what do they mean to the average iPhone user?

> New products for your Mac and iPod

> Cool and noteworthy stuff in the iTunes Store


Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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More information on items discussed in this week's podcast (in order of their mention) can be found by clicking the links below:


> Why Apple Stocks Pack Such Punch

> iFuntastic Gets an Update (Again)

> Moshi C'elesta Keyboard

> Griffin Amplifi

> Newer Technology Battery Charging Station for MacBooks and MacBook Pros

> The Simpsons Movie - The Music

> Ask a Ninja podcast

> Mike Jones: My 64

> Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators: Keep Reachin’ Up

> Maya Azucena: Maya Who?!

> The Rock Life: Season 1




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Mike Riggleman

still love the podcast but please check the xml for itunes... it is linking to the episode 16 for the last 3 weeks.


Mike Riggleman

I am a dork... :) Nevermind... After I was smart enough to read the other comments, I re-downloaded the episodes. You should really put an IQ test on this comment section before allowing idiots like myself to post!


Joe D. Schmoe

Episode #18 on iTunes downloads as a repeat of #16. This also happened last week with episode #17. Is anyone minding the store, so to speak?


Leslie Ayers

Sorry, everyone, there was a glitch in how our podcast gets to iTunes, but it should be fixed now. I'm not sure how long it takes to update in iTunes, but hopefully it is corrected.



#18 still comes down the pipe as #16 via iTunes.

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