Podcast #26: Candygrams and IBricks

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Podcast #26: Candygrams and IBricks

How do you keep the Mac|Life staff happy? Send them candy. Lots of candy.


We wonder what Apple's next move will be to keep iPhone customers from revolting, again. Meanwhile, AT&T isn't helping the situation by disallowing legitimate unlocking of the iPhone.


Susie calls shenanigans on the whole Newton rumor mill. While Robbie and Roman share their secret crushes on Luke Skywalker's mom.


Don't forget, the Mac|Life staff would love to hear your thoughts, comments and stories about pinecones. Just leave a message on the Mac|Live question/comment line: (877) 404-1337, extension 622. Please limit the length of your messages to 1 minute max. We'll review these calls each week and feature our favorites, along with responses, on that week's podcast.


Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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> You Like Us, You Really Like Us

> Unlocked iPhones Bricked

> iPhone Unlock Code MIA

> Super Secret Newton Plans


> SRS iWOW 2 iTunes plug-in

> iPod Bible case

> Borgvik iPod remote


> Iron Man - Trailer

> Ministry – The Last Sucker

> Hotel Chevalier - Short Film

> Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely


> Wacom Bamboo Fun

> Design the Next iPod Ad


> This Week's Music by - Roll on Red



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Every little chat Salon 1000 ah!replica watchYou are my best's buddy



the first few minutes of this pcast are so "we're so cool" that i want to puke. we want to hear stuff that will help us, not how you guys get stuff set to you. your egos are showing and they're ugly



I generally enjoy the content of the podcast, but the audio quality is distracting. I'm not an audio professional so I may not refer to the issue in correct terms, but the audio of the various hosts is generally uneven. Some speakers are very low and difficult to hear while others blow my speakers out. It makes the podcast sound unprofessional and, frankly, just to difficult to listen to at times. This is a consistent issue from show-to-show and not isolated. I hope you can give this some attention in future shows.

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