Podcast #27: iPod Disco Inferno and Leopard Rumblings

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Podcast #27: iPod Disco Inferno and Leopard Rumblings

We're all looking forward to Leopard. Just not Leopard stocking stuffers. Software is cool and all, just don't gift it to the Mac|Life staff.


Robbie questions the validity of the flaming nano while sharing his own burning problems. While Roman talks iMac lockup issues, Susie introduces us to "Even Steven," and Eugene widens our "music to lose your mind too" catalog.


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Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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> Alleged Leopard Release Date

> Leopard Screen Shots

> Leopard Cash Windfall for Apple

> iPod nano Flares Up

> Even Steven


> Creative Aurvana X-Fi
> Boynq Alibi speaker/webcam combo

> iChatUSBCam

> Joost open beta


> Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

> Stephen Colbert – I AM AMERICA (and so can you!)

> Suicide - Suicide
> Jesse Malin - The Fine Art of Destruction
> Karin Krog - Jazz Moments



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Ok....better audio quality then the last few podcasts. I don't know if you did anything to "fix it", but it did sound better. Was there really like 12 mins of "dead air" at the end of the podcast or do I just have an error?


Emmett The Crab

Yeah, I noticed the 12 minutes of silence too and then at the very end there was the advertisement.

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