Podcast #29: Leopard on the Horizon and iPhone/iPod touch SDK.

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Podcast #29: Leopard on the Horizon and iPhone/iPod touch SDK.

Apple announces Leopard release date and iPhone/iPod touch SDK plans. Roman reminds everyone that you need an external hard drive for Time Machine and that waiting for the first Leopard update before installing might be a good idea.


A listener wonders if the tutorial video hosts are training to replace Steve, Robbie shares his childhood memories of Sesame Street and EA disappoints Roman.


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Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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> Apple Posts Leopard Guided Tour

> Apple Frowns on Fraud

> Apple Announces Leopard Release Date

> SDK for iPhone and iPod touch Coming Soon

> Madden Sacked on iMac


> Western Digital My Book Studio external hard drive

> Digital Foci, Pocket Album

> DELPHI premium xm sound system


> Sesame Street - Learn Along with Sesame

> Gang of Four - Entertainment
> James Chance & The Contortions - Lost Chance
> Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd
> Lonesome Dove - Miniseries 




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I'm looking forward to seeing the review soon though I had hoped it would be out the same time at the podcast (the first one I listened to in a long time). I'll probably buy myself the 500GB version long before you come up with the review on the site. I'm ordering mine this week so that I can back everything up before I archive-install Leopard.

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