Podcast #42: iTunes Passes Up RealPlayer and Microsoft Goes Shopping

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Podcast #42: iTunes Passes Up RealPlayer and Microsoft Goes Shopping

iTunes passes up RealPlayer. The most surprising aspect, Robbie and Roman didn't realize anyone still used RealPlayer.


Microsoft offers Yahoo, billions so they can have that yodeling guy say Hotmail. Roman gets excited about the latest Intel chip and the Apple TV delay brings tears to Robbie's HD renting eyes.


Meanwhile, Roman bids the Mac|Life staff and readers a fond farewell.


All that and more, in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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> Microsoft Wants Yahoo

> Apple TV Update Still Simmering in Developer Juices

> iTunes Passes RealPlayer


> Intel Silverthorne Chip
> Mountain Tanks


> Iron Man Trailer

> Thurston Moore - Live at Soho




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Every little chat Salon 1000 ah!replica watchYou are my best's buddy



Now all of the former rock stars of this publication are gone. Good bye Roman. Rik. Niko. Others... whom I don't remember a year later unless I go find an archived issue of MacAddict. Ohh yeah, wait... wait, goodbye also to Max, for those of you who remember.

Though that's not that bad of a thing. Susie, Leslie, and Rob [and others] are doing a dandy job with the new title.

But, if Apple were to buy Yahoo! [I'm not holding my breath], would everyone on Yahoo be ported to a .Mac address? Free limited .Mac services for all [Mac users only... : ) ]?

All of these updates announced at the Expo suck for everyone. Well, everyone except for iPhone users who have already paid due their time with the price drop. Considering iPod touch users [like myself] paid $20; now Apple TV users are paying in patients, which seem to be running out. Of course, many Leopard users are getting antsy about 10.5.2, which wasn't announced, so...

Real Media isn't necessarily dead; there are users of it's Rhapsody service I believe. But it's rather dead on the Mac platform.


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