Podcast #44: New MacBooks and Updated iPhones

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Podcast #44: New MacBooks and Updated iPhones

Apple released new MacBooks, and more importantly, new MacBook Pros with Multi-Touch trackpads, today. With each new Apple notebook, a nickname must be conceived. The former MacBook Pro was called "Santa Rosa." For the new MacBooks with the Intel Penryn chip and Multi-Touch, Robbie coins the name "Penny-Touch" Macbook.


iPhone 1.1.4 firmware hits the Software Update. The staff speculate on what impact the new firmware will have on the upcoming SDK and when the the SDK will be released to developers.


Robbie shares his love of 80's anime while Susie shares her iPod touch adventures in London. All that and more, in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


Don't forget, the Mac|Life staff would love to hear your thoughts, comments and new MacBook nickname ideas. Just leave a message on the Mac|Live question/comment line: (877) 404-1337, extension 622. Please limit the length of your messages to 1 minute max. We'll review these calls each week and feature our favorites, along with responses, on that week's podcast.


Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live podcast.


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> MacBook and MacBook Pro Updated

> iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware Goes Live


> iMainGo 2

> Newertech iPhone mic extender cable


> ROBOTECH: The Shadow Chronicles

> Voltron Defender of the Universe: Vol 1

> Team America: World Police

> Education: Language Courses


> The Music Man



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This episode seemed a little slow, it's probably just because it was Feburary. Maybe you guys could call up Roman and have him participate via phone : ) ?



FWIW, the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are still using Santa Rosa; it's just a version of Santa Rosa that uses the new Penryn CPU. The "Santa Rosa" moniker refers to the whole platform being used, which includes the CPU, chipset, RAM type, and a wireless chipset. You can still call the new Mac notebooks Santa Rosa-based notebooks.


Roberto Baldwin

I really liked my new name for the Macbooks.


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