Podcast #6: Greenpeace Shamelessly Exploits Apple's Good Name

Podcast #6: Greenpeace Shamelessly Exploits Apple's Good Name

In this sixth edition of our weekly series of Mac|Live Podcasts, we discuss Steve Jobs's "A Greener Apple" open letter - and whether Greenpeace is shamelessly exploiting Apple's industry-leading status to make publicity points. You can also listen in as Leslie, Roman, Susie, Eugene, and Rik discuss:


> The latest version of Handbrake

> A new affordable HD camera

> Multi-touch displays that make the iPhone look weak

> Elvis Costello and more in the iTunes Store...


...and a whole lot more, including answers to your Ask the Experts questions, the week's top product releases, what's hot in the MacLife.com Forums, and more. Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live Podcast.


>>> Or download Mac|Live Podcast #6 to play on your iPod, in iTunes, or using the QuickTime Player - this version has chapter markings.


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More information on items discussed in this week's podcast (in order of their mention) can be found by clicking the links below:


Steve Jobs's open letter: "A Greener Apple"

Canon HR10 HD Camcorder

Bushnell Travel Tunes 1.0

Magma ExpressBox1

Handbrake 0.8.5b1

Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel Macs

Mac OS X Hints

Western Digital MyBook World Edition II

iMac Core 2 Duo

Big & Rich ("Lost in this Moment")

The Elvis Costello catalog, including The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years, My Aim Is True, and This Year's Model

Diamanda Galas: Malediction and Prayer (Live)

VangoNotes Audio Study Guides: Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 3 - V. Lustig Im Tempo Und Keck Im Ausdruck

Philip Glass & Philip Glass Ensemble: Glass: Music in 12 Parts - Part 4

Glenn Gould: Great Performances - Bach: Italian Concerto, Partitas Nos. 1 & 2

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing



Video of Jeff Han's multi-touch display demo

MacLife.com Forums: Ministry of Free Thought


Picturesque 1.0





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Aside from podcast being generally all right and moderately informative and entertaining - please, tell me if someone actually thinks that your podcast signature music theme is cool or hip, or may be, even both? Seriously, why did you pick that annoying Klezmeristic Polka? Why not African chant or Kazakh split voice ballad, or are those not debilitating enough?



Love the greenpeace comments in the podcast:
Roman: "Hey, go chase a whale!"
Rick: "Yeah, I'm hungry!"
It's good to see that not all of that old MacAddict thumb-in-the-eye spirit isn;t gone.



Great Podcast!
Rik can you please fix the format of the second and third podcasts so they show up in iTunes.



"Rik can you please fix the format of the second and third podcasts so they show up in iTunes." Lord knows I've tried, but for reasons unknown Apple didn't pick 'em up. You can, however, download the chaptered .m4a versions from: here (#2) and here (#3), and then just drag them into iTunes.



What if anything does Apple say about why the 2 podcasts won't stream through iTunes?



I've done as you suggested but can't get the 2 Podcasts into the Mac life folder so they just float free in Itunes. Annoying but a small problem in the scope of the world.
Thanks for the reply and keep up the great work. MacLife Rocks!!!!!

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