Podcast #88: Parental Controls for iPhone Apps and Myst Keeps it Old School



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Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a great podcast theme. It was cute how you made the podcast file wear that tiny hat. How did you get it to stay on it's little head? I hope you didn't use staples. Now on to business: how could you all so boldly and unilaterally cancel 'keep or delete' just because of one grumpy super secret caller?Where are we going to learn about the huge array of useless musical knowledge knocking around Robbie's head? What about socialism!? I didn't even know about auto-tune. Now I do, but I will learn no more. I liked how you all read about the bands bio and discussed breaking into the music business. A true critique of the industry. Plus you really made me laugh.Since there are many positives to the "Keep or Delete" segment, I suggest you have it on periodically, cuz seriously, iPhone apps are sooooooo overdone by everybody. I would be happy to have a periodic segment called "Appoplectic" or something-- I can almost hear the scat now. :-P But I don't know if iPhone apps tap the inner core of passion the way music does.Keep the Podcast casting. You all are great. You routinely make me laugh out loud. Very Funny. Very Enjoyable.



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