Podcast #96: Steve's Back and Overheating iPhones



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I am a new mac user - on my 1st mac right now :) and I wanted to let you know what a great addition this podcast is to the magazine. I have been listening for the past month while I was waiting to get my money for my mac and I enjoy to low key and user friendly format of the magazine and podcast. My favorite parts of the podcast are the mac tip and the app reviews.  Thanks for a great mac resource!



i've never posted a comment before, but the positive tone of your post was refreshing and motivated me to respond.  for several years, my favorite mac magazine was macaddict (which somehow absorbed into maclife a while ago).  they always had cool little tips and a quirky sense of humor (esp the april fools computer-geek style!).  maclife is a bit "slicker" in presentation (with fewer neon *ker-pow* graphics), but is still one of my favorite mac sites.  Hope you enjoy your mac - i've been using apples exclusively since my apple 2+ in 1981 and have nothing but praise for these computers.   Welcome! 

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