Podcast #9: Macs Soar, Zune Flops, MacBooks Shrink, and More

Podcast #9: Macs Soar, Zune Flops, MacBooks Shrink, and More

In this ninth edition of our weekly series of Mac|Live Podcasts, Roman and Rik discuss the upcoming face-off between Steve and Bill, why the Zune's a dud, and what to expect in the upcoming WWDC announcements, such as:


> New MacBook Pros (bet on it)

> New iMacs (with any luck at all)
> New Cinema Displays (it's about time)

> The end of the 17" iMac and the Mac mini (s'long, guys)...


...and more, including yet another Aperture competitor, new quad-interface drives, and a $1,500 keyboard that may or may not be real. Listen to it all now in this week's Mac|Live Podcast.


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More information on items discussed in this week's podcast (in order of their mention) can be found by clicking the links below:


D: All Things Digital

Microsoft's Zune sales figures

Microsoft Surface

Mac sales increase

Intel Metro ultra-thin notebook

Norhtec $85 Microclient JrSX PC

Adobe's "Macromedia Freehand to Adobe Illustrator CS3 Migration" guide

Freeverse Lineform

Freeverse Lineform demo download

Worldwide Developers Conference schedule

Light Crafts LightZone 3.0

Aiptek GO-HD

OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro “Quad Interface” 1TB drive

2-Port NitroAV eSATA II 3Gb/s Professional Express Card (34mm) Interface Adapter

Optimus LED keyboard

Yanko Design Heartbeat Indicator Mouse

"A Day in the Life of an Apple Genius"




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