Podcast Like a Pro

Podcast Like a Pro


Step 2: Record It in iChat


If you're making a one-person podcast, proceed to the next step. In this step, you'll record an iChat conversation to spice up your podcast with a compelling guest interview. Or you can use it for some private blackmail fodder-whatever suits your fancy. To record the chat, simply set up GarageBand as in the previous step, but before pressing Record, fire up iChat and initiate a chat with your victim - er, "guest" - by double-clicking the phone or camera icon by his or her name in your Buddy List. Alternately, you can highlight the person's name on your Buddy List and select Buddies > Invite To Audio Chat. And FYI, you can't record a chat initiated by someone else-this trick only works if you initiate the chat. Once your chatee accepts the chat (and you disclose that you're recording the conversation), press GarageBand's Record button; GarageBand will alert you that it's detected an audio chat and confirm that you'd like to record. When you're done, click the Record button again; if the playhead keeps moving, press Play to stop it.


This is GarageBand's way of saying "Quiet on the set!"




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Sweet guide. I especially like the musical keyboard part. I tried to follow this guide. Check out my podcast, http://www.thearcherbus.com/

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