Podcast Like a Pro

Podcast Like a Pro


Step 3: Add Effects on the Fly


If you're quick on your feet, you can play GarageBand's sound effects while recording your monologue or iChat interview. A piano-style USB keyboard makes this easier, but you can use GarageBand's onscreen keyboard and tickle the ivories with your mouse. Select Window > Keyboard and click the Radio Sounds track to highlight it, which also activates the keyboard. Plink around until you find the sounds you want. To load a different sound-effect kit, double-click the track title in the Track List to open the Track Info window (or choose Track > Show Track Info). Keeping Sound Effects highlighted in the left-side list, switch to Applause And Laughter, Comedy Noises, or Radio Sounds to load podcast-appropriate sounds. When you're ready to really dig in, click the Details triangle and use its check boxes and pull-down menus to create some truly bizarre sounds via the onscreen keyboard.


You could spend days tweaking your sound effects here.




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Sweet guide. I especially like the musical keyboard part. I tried to follow this guide. Check out my podcast, http://www.thearcherbus.com/

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