Podcast Like a Pro

Podcast Like a Pro


Step 4: Master Musical Typing


You can play Sound Effects by poking around on GarageBand's onscreen keyboard, but tickling the ivories with your mouse is annoying-so use your Mac's keyboard instead. Select Window > Musical Typing, and highlight the Radio Sounds track or another Software Instrument track. Click the eye icon, navigate to a sound effect or loop you want to use, and drag it from the loop drawer onto the key you want to assign it in the Musical Typing window - sweet! You can assign your own sounds to every key on the board -and cooler yet, if your interview is rife with choice sound-bite fodder, you can isolate a segment by loading its clip into the Track Editor (double-click the clip) or simply highlighting the clip and selecting Edit > Split a couple of times. Drag the segment directly from the timeline to any key in the Musical Typing window.


Not only can you type via the QWERTY keyboard, you can assign it your own sounds.




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Sweet guide. I especially like the musical keyboard part. I tried to follow this guide. Check out my podcast, http://www.thearcherbus.com/

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