Podcast Like a Pro

Podcast Like a Pro


Step 5: Proper Post-Production

At least half the fun of podcasting comes from adding all the rockin' radio-style jingles, zany zingers, and stupid sound effects. Of course, you'll want way more of them than you can cram in while recording the live vocal track(s) - and that's where post-production comes in. To pepper your podcast with wackiness, highlight the Jingles track, and if your loops aren't loaded, click the eye icon to open the Loop Browser; then press the podcast icon to load the Jingles, Stingers, and Sound Effects. For the standard talk-radio format, drop matching Jingles at the beginning and end of the show, before and after any commercial breaks (hey, it could happen), and anywhere else you need a little pause in the action. The real fun is in the Stingers and Sound Effects; insert sound effects at will by dragging them into position on the Jingles track or another Software Instrument track (click the plus-sign icon to add another).


You can have all kinds of fun with podcast sound effects


BONUS TIP: Raise the Bar
If your podcast has a perfect fade-out ending, GarageBand might cut off the tail end. To prevent fadeus interruptus, click the Cycle Region button to activate the orange Cycle bar in the timeline, and then click and drag the end of the Cycle bar out a few measures past the end of the project.




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Sweet guide. I especially like the musical keyboard part. I tried to follow this guide. Check out my podcast, http://www.thearcherbus.com/

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