Podcast Like a Pro

Podcast Like a Pro


Step 8: Stop, Drop, and Crop

Shrinking photos you want to use as podcast art down to iPod-friendly postage-stamp size doesn't require launching iPhoto. Just double-click any piece of artwork in the Track Editor (including the Episode Artwork and Podcast Preview images) to load that image into GarageBand's Artwork Editor; use the slider to scale the image, and then drag the image to adjust what appears in the visible center of the crop frame.



Who says that size doesn't matter?


BONUS TIP: No iLife? No Problem!
GarageBand is the easiest way to crank out a killer podcast, but 79 bucks is 79 bucks. These Web sites offer tools, tips, and even online hosting for your podcasting pursuits-and the basic services are free with registration.
GarageBand.com's Podcast Studio (www.garageband.com/podcast) seems like it's wearing a target for Apple's lawyers.

> podOmatic (www.podomatic.com) provides a selection of canned George W. Bush answers for your fake-interview pleasure.
> Odeo.com (www.odeo.com) can pipe your podcast directly to the iTunes Music Store's Podcast directory.
> ClickCaster (www.clickcaster.com) currently a free beta, promotes your own on-demand radio show.




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Sweet guide. I especially like the musical keyboard part. I tried to follow this guide. Check out my podcast, http://www.thearcherbus.com/

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