The Potty Police

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The Potty Police

The intense secrecy surrounding every Apple product is legendary. Matt Hamblen of Computerworld found out just how secretive Apple is when he attempted to use the bathroom at Moscone after Monday's keynote. While waiting for a hands-on session with the iPhone 3G, Matt was told he couldn't go to the bathroom unattended and was issued an escort.


Maybe Matt looked like a flight risk. You never know when a journalist is going to crack and start running into developer sessions and find out the real technology of Core Animation. (It's alien technology, but you didn't hear that from us.)


When Matt had to use the bathroom a second time, he asked if he go to solo this time. No dice, once again he was escorted. As he returned to the press area he was asked to keep his voice down because Steve was conducting an interview behind a nearby curtain. Fortunately, he wasn't given detention for not using the restroom during the break.


Read Matt's blog post about his experience. Meanwhile, Mac|Life has a friendly bit of advice for all journalists. Skip that second cup of coffee when you're dealing with Apple.




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