PowerBook Tower -- The Mac Mods Just Keep Coming

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PowerBook Tower -- The Mac Mods Just Keep Coming


When PowerBook owner Richard Hunt realized his old PowerBook's screen had progressed into scratchville central, he had a choice. Get rid of the machine because of its screen issues, or enter the mac mod fray and impress Mac owners the world over.


Lucky for the PowerBook, Richard chose the latter. His Titanium PowerBook G4 was been reborn as a slender desktop system. The best part, the acrylic sides were cut from from a shower wall. There goes his security deposit.


Check out pics of the mod in progress.


Via Gizmodo.




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It was an off-cut from a shower wall… that means it was a leftover piece that was part of the edge they cut off of the shower wall. I don't think he'd be desperate enough to cut material from his bathroom wall…



That is the coolest Mac Mod I've ever seen.

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