Pray for the Evil Genius

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Pray for the Evil Genius


Wired magazine "leaked" its April cover to The cover is a play on the June 1997 cover of Wired when the Mac faithful were told to "pray" for their beloved company.


The new cover is from an article is based upon Wired editor, Leander Kahney's new book, "Insides Steve's Brain."


Expect tattoo parlors to be overrun with hardcore mac fans looking to ink themselves with the Evil/Genius apple.




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Mr. Steve

They just needed an excuse to cheap out and start doing black and white covers again.


Troy F

Apple = Genius
M$ = Evil

I cannot see this equation ever changing, go read the comments at the link, still the same vitriol bieng spewed by ignorant sheltered smug Windoze users ... poor fools, can't they hear the moans of a dying giant ?

I love you Apple : )


Roberto Baldwin

that I used the Evil/Genius cover as my iPhone wallpaper?




...very closed-minded and one-dimensional. Most big companies turn evil. Specifically when they start making too much money. Things go from innovative development geared toward the consumer to innovative development geared toward the bottom line. I honestly feel Apple made that transition about 2 years ago. Very, very sad.


Eric Crist

I forgot to mention I'm an avid Apple user and a huge fan of their overall product, although I think their direction is changing for the worse. It falls in line with the old adage, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Apple is very close to that 'absolute power' with their product.

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