Predictions for Apple's June Quarter, Lots of iPhone News, and More

Predictions for Apple's June Quarter, Lots of iPhone News, and More

High expectations for Apple's quarter: Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks Apple will beat Wall Street's US$5.3 billion estimate for the June quarter. Apple will announce its results on July 25. Munster says that the iPhone will dominate the report, and that Apple sold as many as 500,000 iPhones in the first weekend. Despite the expected results, one blogger seems to think that Apple is a bad investment right now. Now, before you go over and flame the blogger (who admits he's not an investing professional), keep in mind that he's merely looking at the stock as a money play; he's not really commenting on the company itself.


iPhone Stays in the News: The iPhone hype as died down a bit, but it's still making news. For example, he's a case of non-news making news: No one has been able to unlock the iPhone. If you're using your iPhone on a PC, you have to be careful and lookout for the Aifone.A Trojan and a fake iPhone Web site. The list of iPhone apps is hovering around 160. Rumor has it that the iPhone will ship in the UK in September. Here in the US, the rush for iPhones is still going strong. Apple plans to fix a iPhone battery bug with a future update. And finally, Newsweek's Steven Levy examines why we went nuts over the iPhone.


Fake Steve Jobs Unveiled?: (If you don't want to know who Fake Steve Jobs is, stop reading this paragraph now.) Ok, with the spoiler alert out of the way...the Apple 2.0 blog thinks it has figured out the identity of the person behind the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Apple 2.0 thinks the man behind Fake Steve Jobs is a longtime member of the Mac community as well as a tech writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. There hasn't been a denial issued yet. And if we had a choice, we would prefer not knowing who Fake Steve Jobs is. Having his identity shrouded in mystery is part of the fun. But we live on the Internet, and live for Mac news, so it's going to be hard to avoid hearing about this one.



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