Prep Your iPod for Armageddon

Prep Your iPod for Armageddon

When the end times arrive, at least your iPod will survive.


> Any iPod (preferably one not yet scratched)
> At least a foot of 3M Scotchgard 8mil Paint Protection Film, 12-inch width ($6.50 per foot,
> Liquid dishwashing soap and water
> X-Acto knife or similar sharp blade
> Credit card or similar impromptu squeegee
> First-generation iPod nano cover template


Everyone knows how scratch-prone iPods are - first-generation nanos in particular. The solution: Encase your precious 'Pod in 8mil-thick polypropylethylene - aka 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film. Got more cash than free time? You can buy a similar invisibleShield, custom cut for any iPod, from ShieldZone ($19.95 to $24.95, But if you follow our directions, you'll have enough material (and know-how) to protect your cell phone, PDA, PSP, and other scratchables.


WARNING: This how-to involves intentionally applying water and harsh abrasives to the surface of your iPod - so do we need to tell you to be very, very careful? Well, we're gonna anyway: Be very, very careful.






Step 1: Get the Goods


Shortly after we tried (and fell in love with) ShieldZone's invisibleShield, we figured there must be a way to make our own - for other iPods, digital-camera LCDs, our Treo, PSP, and even the car. (People use thicker grades of Scotchgard to protect their fancy sports cars and even helicopter blades.) We tracked down one vendor who sells 3M's Paint Protection Film in as small as 1-by-1-foot pieces, enough to cover any iPod twice if you're careful. Order at least a foot of X-PEL's 12-inches-wide 8mil Paint Protection Film ($6.50 per foot, You may want to get more for your friends' iPods, your car, your little brother, or anything else you want to encapsulate.


Nab our first-generation nano template by clicking here.






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