Prep Your iPod for Armageddon

Prep Your iPod for Armageddon

Step 4: Slap It On, Jack


Wet your fingertips in the soapy water and carefully peel the backing off of the cut film - try to keep your fingers off the sticky side, and avoid stretching the film. Dip the entire piece in the soapy water and hold it up for a moment to let excess water drip off while you ponder this Zen riddle: More water makes positioning the film easier, but also increases the risk of water damage inside the iPod. If you fear some water got in, let the iPod sit for a day to dry out before you turn it on. With minimal soapy water between the film and the iPod, you can easily slide the film around and position it just right. Inspect all of the covered surfaces for air bubbles, and use your thumbs to press excess water toward the edges - this will help affix the film in place before you apply the credit-card squeegee, which tends to grab and move the film if it's too wet. Once the film sticks tightly enough to the iPod that you can't slide it out of place using your thumb, use a credit card to squeegee out the remaining water - use firm, even pressure, and squeegeeistically scrape out toward the film's edges. Finally, massage the covering a little more with your thumbs to smooth out any remaining unevenness.


Do your best to keep water out of your clickwheel, dock, and earbud ports.


Step 5: Abort! Abort!


Air bubbles (and finger grime) are the bane of Scotchgard. If you don't remove an air bubble before the water dries, you'll never get it out. If you see an air bubble, get a drop of water under the film if you can, and gently peel the film back (careful not to stretch it!), drip on some more water, and reapply the film. If you discover an air bubble after the film dries, try poking it with the tip of your X-Acto blade to release the trapped air, then flatten the busted bubble with your thumb.


It's good to have some extra Scotchgard.






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