Pricey Unlocked German iPhones, Free Games and Shareholders Strike Back

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Pricey Unlocked German iPhones, Free Games and Shareholders Strike Back


Unlocked iPhone Crazy Expensive: In response to a court ruling stating that T-Mobile must sell unlocked iPhones. The mobile carrier is selling the device without a contract and unlocked for €999 ($1478). If you were lucky enough to purchase an iPhone in Germany before the court ruling, T-Mobile will unlock your iPhone for free.


Free fun for Macs: Freeverse launched MacFun this morning and was immediately pounded by Mac users hungry for a free game. Today's free game is 3D Hearts Deluxe. Right now the page is pretty bare because of the traffic hit they took, then again, you get a free game so you can't complain too much.


At first you don't succeed: Shareholders upset by their case being dismissed last week plan on re-filing their claims. The lead attorney for the shareholders stated "The discovery we have so far has made the case stronger." What that discovery is hasn't been explained.


An elegant Wii remote for a civilized age: Seriously, what took so long. A Lightsaber attachment for the Nintendo Wii remote. In the immortal words of Lord Vader "I see you have constructed a new lightsaber. Your skills are complete, indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen." Yeah, it's that rad.


And finally: Turns out Mr. T is handy with a computer and has a Night Elf Mohawk.






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Unlocked and unsubsized?



I meant $1,500


Roberto Baldwin

Maybe it comes with a pony or a scooter.

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