Pro Sled

Pro Sled

These Pro Sleds don’t slide into your Mac Pro as smoothly as we’d like.


Ever since we got a Mac Pro, we’ve wanted to juggle more than four hard drives in its roomy case. Sure, four SATA drives are enough for nearly any person to use at a single time, but what we want to do is shuffle drives in and out. For example, we could use one drive for a specific video project and remove it when we’re not working on it. Or backup drives. Maybe even a boot drive dedicated to Windows or Linux.


The Mac Pro includes four sleds that slide in and out in seconds, but Apple doesn’t sell extras. Then there’s the Pro Sled, Transintl’s replacement Mac Pro hard drive chassis. However, the Pro Sled feels cheaper and requires much more force - as in am-I-going-to-break-my-Mac force - to insert and remove drives. Once seated, a Pro Sled-mounted drive works like an original, fitting into the power and data sockets in the Mac.


The bottom line. If you want to regularly swap drives - the main point of these sleds - wait for a revision that slides in more smoothly.


COMPANY: Transintl LLC
PRICE: $29 for one, $49 for two, $89 for four
REQUIREMENTS: Mac Pro, Serial ATA hard drives
Seats into Mac Pro to make connection.
Feels cheap. Requires excessive force.





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I agree, the Pro Sleds are over priced and flimsy. Not what I expected for the steep price tag. Not even close to the quality of the stock Mac Pro drive sled.

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