Propoganda Productions Déjà Vu

Propoganda Productions Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu lists all saved backup plans in its pane inside System Preferences.


Déjà Vu stands out as the most effortless and invisible application that we tested, offering an intuitive interface that collects all of the features most essential for network backups.


The app installs as a pane inside System Preferences. Saved backup plans are listed in the preference pane’s main window, with everything else tucked behind the Options button. Almost everything about the interface makes sense.
The feature list, too, is just right. Selecting a startup drive as a source creates a bootable clone of the drive, and an option called SafetyNet archives previous versions of files when they’re deleted or changed on the source drive. For scheduled backups, the application can automatically mount a network volume—but just one.


Regular use generated only a few minor complaints. Backing up to a network volume requires you to check the option for Remote Backup, but we didn’t know that until our first backup attempt failed. Why shouldn’t the application check the box automatically when a network volume is detected? Automatic mounting of a network volume is great, but unlike ChronoSync, Déjà Vu asks you to enter the volume’s network address, which is sure to confuse less savvy users. And though Déjà Vu is capable of creating a bootable clone of a Mac’s startup drive, the application itself doesn’t make that clear.


The bottom line. Despite a few minor rough spots, Déjà Vu offers the greatest flexibility while demanding the least amount of thought.


COMPANY: Propoganda Productions


PRICE: $24.95

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later

Clean interface. Automatically mounts targeted network volumes. Supports bootable backups.

A few options could be better explained.




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