Protect Your Notebook on The Road

Protect Your Notebook on The Road

Your Apple notebook is a thing of beauty, so protect its looks—and shield its sensitive parts from damage—with the help of these accessories.


1. RadTech ScreenSavrz

As your ’Book bumps around in your bag, the keys can leave a permanent imprint on the screen. ScreenSavrz (from $9.95, cover your keys to prevent damage, and double as a polishing cloth.


2. iSkin ProTouch

The iSkin ProTouch ($24.99, is a thin membrane that keeps dirt, spills, and other crud from gumming up your keyboard and potentially destroying your computer.


3. Power Support Track Pad Film

Few parts of your notebook take as much friction as the trackpad. Track Pad Film (from $10, reduces wear, and you can replace the film every so often to keep your machine looking like new.


4. Speck SeeThru

These colored plastic body plates ($49.95, cover your ‘Book but leave the ports open. Keep them on full-time, or just snap ’em on for traveling—but beware, it can be tricky to remove them.



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