PsyStar Pounded With Traffic, Still Selling OpenMac Machines

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PsyStar Pounded With Traffic, Still Selling OpenMac Machines


New Mac-clone computer maker PsyStar, has not been contacted by Apple or its band of merry lawyers as earlier speculated.


In fact, the now missing site, is being flooded with traffic and its servers just can't keep up. A recent test by the company showed 30,000 hits per second hitting the site. PsyStar is still selling its $399 OpenMac via email.


When asked about being contacted by Apple, they told us that have not been contacted but that, "they were ready." How the company hopes to evade the onslaught of Apple lawyers and the Apple Software License Agreement is yet to be seen.


Users interested in purchasing the Mac clone can email the company.


The basic OpenMac system includes


• OS X 10.5 Leopard
• 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
• 2GB of DDR2 667 RAM
• Integrated Intel GMA 950

• 20x DVD=/-R Drive
• 4 USB ports
• 250GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive


Options include:

• 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
• nVidia GeForce 8600 Video Card

• Firewire


Update: Site is back up.




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sorry to say but those are some ugly pcs.. what ever happened to the slim versions? 



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...or a Power Computing PowerCenter 120 would have been like, had they never been authorized by Apple. Oh, the joyful ownership experiences would still be fondly retold to this day!



Well, if they were selling the OS separately from the machine, they technically wouldn't be violating anything (the end user would be... Powerlogix did something similar with their Bluechip upgrades for the Wallstreet PowerBooks), but that they're offering to install it, too... well, that's rubbing Apple's nose in it.



Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
Pedraza, Rodolfo
3401 SW 104 CT
Miami, FL 33165
Phone: 3053566666
Fax: 3053575555

(yeah - those phone numbers look real legit!)



Obviously, someone has been able to contact them, if MacLife has spoken to them. They also have a toll-free number on the site.
The only proof toward the reality of all this is going to be a machine in a Fedex box on someone's doorstep.
Therefore, I wouldn't be so concerned about fake numbers in WHOIS info. If they really wanted to fool you, they could just as easily buy two legit Miami numbers through Skype.



Just to be a picky bastard, i want to point out that the Intel GMA 950 isn't a "Graphics Card," it's a chip on the motherboard.

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