Q2 2008 Results, New iPhone SDK Beta, and the Stock Options Case That Wouldn't Die

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Q2 2008 Results, New iPhone SDK Beta, and the Stock Options Case That Wouldn't Die


Mo' Macs, Mo' Money: Apple's Q2 2008 results conference call was yesterday, and the company raked in $7.51 billion in revenue and $1.05 billion in profit. "We're delighted to report 43 percent revenue growth and the strongest March quarter revenue and earnings in Apple's history," said Steve Jobs. Apple also saw 34 percent growth in the education market and 64 percent growth in the sales of portable Macs. AppleInsider has more of the highlights from the call, and iLounge attempts to decode what "successful" means in terms of MacBook Air sales.


Analyze This: The reaction to Apple's results is pretty positive, with a few reservations about the future. Needham & Company rates Apple a "strong buy" because of the Mac sales, which demonstrate that so far Apple seems to be avoiding the slowdown that's affected the rest of the computer industry. But Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster believes the 2 percent slip in profit margin since last quarter may be attributable to the MacBook Air.

Deja Sue: The stock options case is back in the news, with new evidence being filed that alleges that Apple's management were "aware of and participated in the backdating scheme." The most recent suit was filed by the Boston Retirement Board, a pension fund that holds Apple shares. The specific evidence is still confidential pending a court ruling.


In other Apple news: Despite Apple's purchase of chipmaker PA Semi, Steve Jobs tells the WSJ's Business Technology blog that Apple and Intel are still totally BFF: "We have a great partnership with Intel," Steve said. "We expect that to continue forever." Also, early registration for WWDC closes tomorrow. Beta 4 of the iPhone SDK is out. And Parallels has sold 1 million copies of Parallels Desktop for Mac.


Finally: Need another reason to convince your overly loyal Windows-using friends to buy a Mac? Here are some totally comprehensive instructions for using a Mac mini as Windows Vista Media Center. Maybe you can control it via your cool new keyboard-crotch jeans.



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Those jeans are cool!


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Do they make those jeans with the Dvorak layout?

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