Q3 Results Today, 146,000 iPhone Activations on Launch Weekend

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Q3 Results Today, 146,000 iPhone Activations on Launch Weekend

Q3 results today: Apple will announce its results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2007, which ended in June, in a conference call starting at 2 p.m. Pacific Time today. But the Web is already abuzz with the numbers that have been revealed so far. Specifically, AT&T announced that 146,000 iPhones were activated during the quarter. That's below the huge numbers (200,000, 500,000, even more) bandied about by overzealous analysts, but keep in mind that the iPhone was available for less than two full days when the quarter ended on June 30. More phones could have been sold (remember that a lot of people bought two) to people who were planning to sell them on eBay, people who bought them online and had to wait for delivery, and so on. Expect a clearer picture when Apple shares its figures this afternoon.

More Q3 numbers: TheStreet.com has learned from "people close to the companies" that AT&T is paying Apple between $150 and $200 per iPhone, plus $9/month per phone over the life of the contract. Neither company would comment. And other leaks being reported by AppleInsider show the Apple Retail division contributing a healthy $810 million in business over the quarter, and increased Mac sales (reportedly up 36 percent in Q3) making up for stale iPod sales (showing just 2 percent growth).


What's next? AT&T's iPhone numbers caused shares to fall 6 percent on Tuesday, after an 18 percent rise that had started with the iPhone's release almost a month ago. But analysis firm CIBC says to expect a new marketing push behind the iPhone, and that a new model could be out by November. If you're not ready to believe the analysts again so soon, there's a bit more corroboration to the rumor -- although it's still just a rumor. Taiwan Economic News has issued unconfirmed reports that Quanta has received manufacturing orders for the new iPhone model. AppleInsider reports that "extremely reputable sources" claim that the new iPhone model will be "a scaled-back, lower-cost alternative" with iPod and basic phone features, not Web or email. And MacRumors has some design possibilities for this so-called iPhone nano, based on information gleaned from patent applications.


And in other news: Steve Wozniak weighs in on his iPhone, both good and bad. He says he still prefers his RAZR for making voice calls, and would like to see the iPhone get 3G and voice dialing, along with a Celsius temperature display. (Hooray for the metric system!) Wired.com wants you to fill out your brackets for a tournament to determine The Greatest Gadget of All Time. Here's a tip for making ID tag wallpaper for your iPhone, so it can be returned to you if you lose it (don't scoff, there really are people that honest out there). And here are five Apple moves that could have been mistakes if Apple hadn't made them work anyhow. Any you'd care to add to that list? Sound off in the comments!



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