QuickTime Patched and Apple Named in Suit

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QuickTime Patched and Apple Named in Suit


Quick, get a bandage: Apple patched a flaw in QuickTime that allowed an attacker to remotely execute code on a targeted user's machine. Check software update for the update.


BBC heaven!: The BBC relaunched its iPlayer on-demand service today. While it brings Mac and Linux users into the fold, the UK residents-only service is still a bummer for us yanks looking to get our BBC on.


Made a ringtone about it. Wanna hear it?: Unsure how to create your own ringtone in GarageBand? Apple has posted a support document to get you started.


So sue me: Apple, Viacom, and BET have been named in a defamation suit concerning a BET program entitled "American Gangster." The civil suit claims the show made defamatory statements about the two plaintiffs when it incorrectly labeled them as murders. Whoops.


Palm hands out lumps of coal: In sad holiday news, Palm is laying off 10 percent of its workforce. Considering Palms recent troubles this is no big surprise, but it would have been nice to have waited until after the holidays.




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Hi guys, did you tryed netshade to change your IP with a UK proxy? Did it work? are there any alternatives?






BBC heaven! Heh heh.

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