Reach Out and touch Someone and 40 New Apple Stores in 2008

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Reach Out and touch Someone and 40 New Apple Stores in 2008


Call me: VoIP has been confirmed on the iPod touch. Using software created for VoIP on the Nintendo-DS, iPod touch Mods was able to receive and make a call, although, it's not quite ready to prime time. The hack requires a mic attachment which touch Mods has already created and is taking orders on now. Hopefully we'll be making VoIP calls by the end of the year.


Check out screen shots here.


More stores are coming: If you're always bummed to hear about an Apple Store event because the closest store is 500 miles away and your boss doesn't count Apple Store road trips as a sick day, things are looking up. Apple plans on opening 40 more stores in the new year. Cross your fingers and maybe the Apple fairy will drop one near your home.


Free shipping today: Don't have time to wait for the latest Apple Store grand opening? Today only, Apple is offering free shipping on almost everything. Just in time for those last minute gifts.


$100 iPhone stand: Current iPhone/iPod touch stand offerings not up to your fickle taste? Make your own out of a $100 bill. Sure, you could use a $1 bill, but where's the exorbitance in that?


Buy more iPhones: Now that you have all your Benjamins folded and resembling Egypt, you're gonna need some more iPhones. Fortunately, Apple has raised the maximum number of iPhones you can purchase at one time, from two to five. Get iPhones for the whole family.


And finally: Remember, stealing music is illegal.





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