Readers Reinvent Apple

Readers Reinvent Apple

Analyzing patents is one thing. Coming up with entirely new product ideas is something else entirely. Back in January, as part of our “What Comes Next?” feature, we asked for your three-dimensional “fauxtotype” designs of Apple’s “Next Big Thing,” whatever that may be. Over 50 would-be 3D designers sent us their creations, ranging from the obvious (iPod alarm clocks galore) to the unexpected (Apple-branded prefab buildings) to the curiously oblique (an Apple-created photo ID card).


After much debate, voting, and gnashing of teeth, we whittled down the selections to our five favorites, which we present to you here for the first time ever. Wondering what you might soon be wearing on your ring finger…or riding in when you take to the friendly skies?



Grand Prize Winner

Victor Soto of Bonita, California

With his innovative and unique iRing, Victor Soto captured everything we love about Apple in one simple, understated device. The iRing is more than geek jewelry; it’s also a Bluetooth controller that interacts with your iPod or iPhone, letting you operate its media controls while it’s stowed away in your pocket or your bag.



Soto did more than just design a pretty device, though. He also gave a lot of thought to its controls and engineering, and even designed a Quick Start guide for the product, along with a charging station. Tapping the Apple icon functions as play and pause, while touching the strips to either side allows you to skip forward and back. A button on the underside of the ring lets you lock out unintentional commands by pinching the ring between your thumb and forefinger.


More than any other fauxtotype we received, the iRing was the product that, across the board, we all wished for the most. It is, quite literally, power at your fingertips.


Apple Sky



Joe Ashear of Palo Alto, California


If Virgin and Hooters can have airlines, why not Apple too? Joe Ashear’s jumbo jet cabin design is one of the first airplanes that actually looks inviting instead of off-putting. Skylights, big seats, and bar (stocked, says Ashear, with Green Apple Martinis and organic juices!) are great, but the 17-inch Mac tablets at every seat are what seal the deal. We shudder to imagine what a trip on Apple Sky might cost, but if anyone’s in a position to reinvent the terminally broken U.S. airline industry, Apple is. Now what can Steve do about the line at security?




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Congrats to all of these winners. Awesome designs and well thought. I could see some of these becoming realities.



Love the iPod watch. Never occurred to me before, but now it just seems obvious. Like all (well, most) great ideas.



Sign me up for any of these. I love the images. Great Work.

One thing you missed though is an iCar my specs would be;

1-2L engine
Battery Powered completely...
w/ all the apple bells and whistles you can imagine.

Second thing I would like is an apple subscription service... I call it iControl;

TV service- infinite channels
Phone Service - infinite call/texts
internet Service- infinite use
Free movie/music access at any time.


Service provided through a series of access cards that could be attached to various devices.



These are all innovative and interesting concepts by talented people want to see Apple branch out. However, where does the mystical minitower fit in. I perceive a significant demand for those of us who want a Mac that is much cheaper than the Mac Pro but is highly expandable using the array of 3rd party hardware items out there. Even Apple could jump into that fray and laugh all of the way to the bank.


Eric Dubois

While the minitower would be a great product, and I would be first in line to buy one, it is merely a repackaging of existing technology. Apple's desire to always produce the "fastest", "smallest", "slimmest", seems to stop it from releasing a product many users want: a medium-size Mac.

But this contest called for creative new ideas for the "next big thing". I'm sorry, the minitower doesn't fall into that category.



this is not a computer. it is a game console.



But a music-playing alarm clock, now that...THAT is radical vision.



I think you are looking at the gaming console... which would be AWESOME!


Steven Kagler

I will sign up for pre-orde of the IRing now. Its so flipping sexy

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