New: Remote Buddy 1.1

New: Remote Buddy 1.1

The latest Macs ship with a remote control that allows you to control Front Row and a couple of Apple's applications. Beyond that, you can't do much else with it, though. Remote Buddy fundamentally changes this. It gives you control over the rest of your computer via the remote control and also improves the available functionality in those apps that already supported the remote control by themselves. Also, as of version 1.1, Remote Buddy includes support for iPhone.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4.6 or later


To download a demo copy of Remote Buddy 1.1 (4.7MB), click here.




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remote buddy leaves lots of “hidden” files on your system.

depending exactly which version you install:

~/Library/Preferences/.(your mac address).plist
~/”.DS_Store *”
~/Documents/”.DS_Store *”
~/Library/Caches/TextMate/”.DS_Store *”
~/Library/ColorSync/”.DS_Store *” (YES REALLY!!!)

too nasty for me.

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