Officejet Pro L7680

Officejet Pro L7680

The OfficeJet Pro L7680 is a much tidier and more compact solution than a separate printer, scanner, and fax machine.


The Officejet Pro L7680 packs an impressive variety of functions for its smallish price of $400. It includes everything a small office needs: printing, copying, scanning, and faxing with color or black-and-white documents. Even better, all the functions are extremely easy to use with clearly labeled buttons and helpful menus, perfect for a business with no in-house technical support staff.


The printer comes with one 250-sheet paper tray and handles a variety of media including plain or photo paper, envelopes, labels, index cards, and transparencies in a variety of sizes. It also features automatic double-sided printing that worked like dream. The L7680 can easily be connected to an office network using the built-in 10/100BT Ethernet or via the optional Jetdirect ew2400 Wireless Print Server ($199.99). The unit uses four separate ink cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) that HP prices at a reasonable $19.99 for black and $14.99 for the colors. HP also offers higher-capacity cartridges for a bit more: $34.99 for black, $24.99 per color.


All of the functions, not just the printing, are well thought out and provide most features a small office requires. For example, the copier offers reduction and enlargement options from 25 to 400 percent. The fax can hold up to 125 pages in memory (we tested it with a 100-page fax), holds up to 99 numbers in speed dial, and allows for delayed sending and forwarding of faxes.


Print and copy speeds aren't blazing fast, however. And you won't get the same print or scan quality that you would from specialized printers and scanners. When printing a 20-page black-and-white Word document, the L7680 barely eked out 5 pages per minute in best quality mode. Speeds for color printing were similar, until we threw a multipage full-bleed color document at the L7680, with speeds grinding to barely 2 ppm. Time tests of the copier speeds showed that the L7680 can crank out 30 copies per minute of a single page in either black-and-white or color mode.


While the print and scan quality is quite good, it's no match for dedicated equipment. A laser printer will provide crisper text, and a photo inkjet printer produces richer hues in images. Scan resolution is serviceable but maxes out at a true hardware resolution of 2,400 by 4,800 dpi. You can find a 4,800 by 9,600 dpi scanner, a monochrome laser printer, and a photo inkjet printer for about $100 each, but they'll take up more space on your desk and you won't have the fax functions.


The bottom line. The Officejet Pro L7680 is an extremely well-designed color all-in-one that will fit nicely into any small-office environment.


PRICE: $399.99
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, USB
Excellent value. Extremely easy to use. Solid features for all functions.
Slow print speeds. Some compromises on image quality.





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Stephen Chakwin

I wish your reviewer had spent a little more time and attention on the scanning function. My experience with HP has been that its AIOs have had miserable proprietary software that's slow and buggy. I was happy to lose my HP 6110 and get a Brother 8440 - though it's not strictly comparable since it has a monochrome laser instead of a color ink jet printer. My wife has a newer HP AIO than my unlamented 6110 and it has slightly better but still kludgy software.
My experience was that the scanning was the weakest function and the fax was pretty mediocre as well - it kept failing. Printing was OK, but not great and copying was pretty good. The machine was thirsty and ink was not cheap.



How about some evaluation of the OCR of the scanner?

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