RF Remote for Front Row

RF Remote for Front Row

If the Apple Remote frustrates you, try Keyspan's RF Remote.


The Apple Remote is truly a simple, elegant device, but its use of infrared can be frustrating, since infrared requires a line of sight between the remote and the receiver. The RF Remote for Front Row uses radio frequency (RF) instead of infrared, so not only do you not need a line of sight, but you also get a wider range than the Apple Remote - we got about 55 feet, 25 feet more than the Apple Remote. The RF Remote uses a USB RF receiver, and we didn't notice any interference with our wireless phones or Wi-Fi network.


The bottom line. Apple plans to release Front Row with Mac OS 10.5, so if you have a Mac that doesn't have infrared for an Apple Remote, the RF Remote is an excellent choice. The RF Remote also a great replacement for the Apple Remote, given that device's infrared limitations.


COMPANY: Keyspan
CONTACT: www.keyspan.com
PRICE: $39
REQUIREMENTS: USB, Front Row software
Wider range than Apple Remote. Line of sight not necessary.
Slightly bigger than the Apple Remote.





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Well ya, okay, but the thing is... it's hideous. =]



I got it cheap and it still works much better than the remote I got with my EyeTV250. That remote is IR and it's stopped working. Another point on the bad for the Remote Wonder is that it needs 4 AAA-batteries to work.



I guess then that I could use my ATI Remote wonder too. The + on that one is the RF and the - is definately the size and the slightly unresponsive buttons.

I think I need to print out a mapping scheme for mine since I sometimes have problems remembering which buttons do what :).

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