13-inch 2.3GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro Review



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I bought my 13" MBP about a week and a half prior to the refresh. It was my first Mac and needless to say I was more than a little bummed. My jaw hit the freakin' dirt when I noticed the new ones came out. (I told the Apple rep at Best Buy my sob-story and he said if I'd bought it there I would have had a full 30 days to swap it out. D'oh!)

Oh well, at least I'm not missing anything GPU-wise apparently. Kind of a bad start into the world of Macs though. I really didn't need a powerhouse because I have a PC with an i7, but I'm finding I like OS X quite a bit and will eventually switch entirely to the platform. Now if I can just find someone who doesn't know better to buy my MBP next year I can upgrade to the 17' MBP with an i7. (Shouldn't be THAT difficult since there's so many who will pay for a used Mac without considering its specs.) I'm finding I really don't need Windows anymore for much of anything. Never hated it or got burned by it...just like Snow Leopard's efficiency a bit better. :)

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