2.3GHz Core i5 Mac Mini & 1.6GHz Core i5 MacBook Air Review



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I just bought a Mac Mini to use with my entertainment system as a media center. Any ideas on the best media player software to install other than iTunes? I tried Songbird, but it seems a little shaky with managing my files.



if i buy an external dvd drive and an apple tv, what am i missing out on that is now absent from this revised mac mini?

money issues aside...



Umm ... your "left" and "right" pictures of the Air are reversed. The Thunderbolt port is on the right side and the MagSafe is on the left. Also, on the left (what you call right) next to what you call "Audio Out" (which technically is a headphone out) is not a speaker, it's the mic.

And your the "experts"!



I'm cutting on both Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7, doing some things in Photoshop CS5 and it's pretty fast. The 8GB of RAM I put in it cost only $80 + tax at CompUSA (Tiger Direct), not too bad. It's pretty fast for what I do, thanks to that RAM. If I eventually need a mega editing machine, I'll go iMac or Mac Pro.




The rating you give the Mini is bogus. Compared to the prior mini the new models SCREAM with speed and functionality. Upgrade to the i7 2.7 and 8GB of RAM and you got a machine better then the 2009-2010 iMacs at a fraction of the cost.

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